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Here at Laxmi Furnace Works, we are interested in providing you quality service all of the time. We’ve got everything to suit your furnace needs. Whether it’s installation or furnace repair, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been up here in the North dealing with the cold for over fifteen years. There’s nothing like having the cold North wind ripping through the neighborhood with only your insulation and no furnace to keep you warm. We want to make sure that you are in the best and warmest situation possible every winter.

Our customers have been very satisfied with the quality of our service. Below, we have included some great testimonials that show that we are a committed and hard working company that will do its hardest in order to make sure you enjoy the highest level of heating comfort in your home.



Hi there! I’m Bridget. I’ve been up here in the New England area for quite some time now. I grew up in the South, so being exposed to the brutal cold in the winter was definitely a rude awakening for me. In addition to dressing in as many layers as possible, I make sure that my heating works in tip top shape every winter to ensure that I will stay warm when the winter temperatures hit.

This past fall, I was looking at upgrading my heating system in my house. I noticed in the previous winter that the furnace was old and on its way to the junkyard. For example, sometimes my showers would be inexplicably cold. Oftentimes, the pilot light would go out and I would have to run down to our freezing unfinished basement to relight it. More affordable than AC repair.

Anyway, I was fed up with the old furnace and decided that I was going to get a new one. I called up Laxmi Furnace Works to schedule and appointment to pick out a new furnace for my home. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how friendly and knowledgeable they were about picking out furnaces. They clearly had my interests in mind and were not trying to get over on me money wise.

Thanks for the help, Laxmi Furnace Works! I’m so glad you helped me get a new furnace!


Salutations! I’m Tony and I live in the New England area. I originally posted on a review site about my experience with Laxmi’s Furnace Works. I was later contacted by them to write a review for them directly on their website. I jumped at the chance.

In the middle of last winter, we were hit with an incredibly hard snowstorm that ended up causing a lot of damage in the area. It was probably one of the worst storms in over ten years. My furnace was badly damaged due to a power shortage that happened at my house. I needed to act fast before those Northeastern winds froze me into a popsicle. I used to live in Suffolk and would call the Heating and Cooling in Suffolk, VA. I saw that one of their sister companies was Laxmi Furnace Works, which is in my area.

I called Laxmi Furnace Works and they fixed my furnace right up. In fact, they even did a tune up at no extra charge. Now my furnace works better than ever. Thanks, Laxmi Furnace Works!